The Writers' Block, KQED's weekly reading series, features writers and performers of all stripes reading the latest short fiction, non-fiction, theater and poetry.

PlayGround began collaborating with KQED in 2006 on the production and distribution of short play podcasts through KQED's weekly reading series, The Writers Block (Mark Taylor, Producer).

The first podcast, Aaron Loeb's Sever (BofP 2005), was released in April 2006. The plays are available via KQED's website as streaming audio and audio download (podcast), as well as through NPR, and iTunes.

Sever was rereleased in January 2007. The second podcast in the series, Geetha Reddy's Honey, I'm Home (BofP 2004), was released in March 2007, followed in July 2007 by Tom Swift's The Beginning (BofP 2005) and Garret Jon Groenveld's Ondine (BofP 2001) in September 2007. PlayGround and KQED plan to release 4-6 new podcasts each season selected from among the 82 works premiered to date in The Best of PlayGround Festival.

Podcasts & Release Date

Sever by Aaron Loeb (Apr-06)
Honey, I'm Home by Geetha Reddy (Mar-07)
The Beginning by Tom Swift (Jul-07)
Ondine by Garret Jon Groenveld (Sep-07)
Sewermonster Diaries by Brady Lea (Jan-08)
Missive by Garret Jon Groenveld (Mar-08)
Reunion by Kenn Rabin (Apr-08)
Investing by Evelyn Jean Pine (Oct-08)
The Mistaken Variations (Jan-09)